Size and position

The 170.000 square meter property is completely fenced by a 2-meter-high wire mesh and laurel hedge with no gaps between ground and fence to contain animals such as hedgehogs and hares living in large number inside the estate.

It is undoubtedly the most beautiful farm in Brianza, economic heart of the Lombardy region. The extension of the property can be considerably increased with other neighbouring lands.

The property is located immediately before the mountains, extends on the top and on the southern slope of the first hill north from of Milan and very close to all the airports around Milan.

The altitude is 320m above sea level.

The property

The 800 sqm manor house, built in bio-architecture, was partly built in 1981 and in 2000 was completely renovated and enlarged. The roofs are covered with natural slate, all the pipes and pipes are made of copper.

The property was born as a villa with a private equestrian center. It now also has 9 golf holes with Club House and restaurant.

What was once the covered riding stable for horses built in laminated wood (56 x 28 m) with windows and an electric opening door, today is used for daytime training for golf and in the evening as a football field (7 + 7).

There is also a newly built construction with 5 changing rooms equipped with showers and bathrooms.

There are several warehouses for the maintenance of machinery that can be easily transformed into other uses.

In the property there is a 50 KWatt photovoltaic power plant which is more than enough to cover the energy needs of the property. In addition, this plant enjoys state incentives.

In the property there is a water well which was originally a municipal aqueduct.

A parking lot for 100 cars has been built.

The passive solar house

The passive solar house that produces its own heating was partially built in 1981 and completely enlarged and renewed in 2000, since then it has been used by the owner. It is built on two floors, ground and basement with an area of 800 square meters. The windows are all with triple shatterproof glass. The private garden of the house has a fenced area of approx. 6000 m2 finely planted. In 2000 a swimming pool with beaches and a pond with lotus flowers and water lilies were added. There are also rooms used as changing rooms and services, shelter for chairs and deckchairs, a technical room for swimming pool water treatment equipment.

There is also an outdoor dining area with a dedicated kitchen and patio.

The property is completed by two outbuildings of 50 square meters each for guests plus an independent three-bedroom building with living room and two bathrooms for an area of 120 square meters.

The golf driving range

The golf driving range includes a pitching green and putting green of 40 x 80 meters (ex sand field for horse riding) and a drive range of approx. 100 x 320 meters which is also a flight field and is authorized by ENAC, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority as a runway for helicopters and planes.

The property itself can be home to all sorts of initiatives

In the past, the property has been used as a cow farm, an equestrian center with a indoor riding hall, a small factory building aircrafts with a dedicated runway while, currently it hosts a Golf driving range and an indoor soccer field.

Expansion projects

Thanks to the Lombard farmhouse regulations, the current covered areas can be converted and can accommodate up to 100 beds. In addition, the volume of the buildings can be expanded.

N.B. Property transfer fees will be paid by the seller. The area benefits from a relief on total labor costs of about 30%.


Photo gallery

The view that can be seen from them is incredibly beautiful especially if we consider it to be in Brianza because in front there is the protected area of the Park of the Valley of the Lambro (where it can not be built), to the sides two castles and behind the crown of the mountains.

Video gallery

Possibility of dock on Lake Alserio

With Panoramic Terrace, Living room / Kitchen, Bathroom, Box, Garden planted and fenced of about 7,000 square meters.
Access from the Estate Buena Vista with electric kart or car in less than 500 meters.

Floor Plans

View the floor plans of each properties.

Master Floor Plan
Golf Floor Plan
Mappale 1991
Mappale 2562
Mappale 2563
Mappale 2564
Mappale 2597
Mappale 2598
Mappale 2599
Mappale 2600
Mappale 2602A
Mappale 2602B
Mappale 2608
Mappale 2610